All About Tamper Proof Courier Bags & Packaging for Ecommerce

Tamper Proof Courier Bags & packaging for Ecommerce

Nowadays Courier Bags play crucial part in Ecommerce Packaging. Courier bags are a great advantage for businesses looking to reorganize warehousing and shipping operations as it makes packing items one easy breezy task with professionally. Courier Bags are widely used for semi-fragile items like electronics (mobiles, pen drives), jewellery, watches etc. by courier & logistics companies.

The self-adhesive or heat seal makes sealing quickly and pod jacket removes the need to glue paperwork on the parcel. It is an economical option while manufacturing customized design in bulk. For increased brand visibility, courier bags are great for printing promotional and advertisement material right on the packaging.

Tamper proof Courier Bag’s Hot melt adhesive strip guarantees that packages once sealed cannot be removed from the bag without tearing the bag. Tamper proof courier bags are manufactured from of co-ex film is 100% recyclable resistant to oil, water and rough handling. Transparent pod jacket (document pouch) on the back side of the bag for insert of waybills or consignee address etc.


Features/Advantages of Euphoria Packaging LLP’s Courier Bags:

  • Utmost recommended product for safe transmission of parcels and shipments.
  • White glossy greyish finishing outside and opaque black inside.
  • Eases manual efforts of wrapping tapes speeding up the packaging process.
  • Ultra Simple peel and seal closing mechanism.
  • Light weight-saving courier expenses as compared to boxes.
  • Temper proof- once seal can’t be opened without damage.
  • Strong Brand Visibility as compared to traditional covers.
  • The standard thickness of 60 microns and can be customized subject to volume.
  • Economical as compared to other tools of packaging such as boxes, cloth covers, etc.
  • High-strength seams/side seal.
  • Self-seal closure is tamper-resistant.
  • Ideal for non-fragile items.
  • Perforated strip or tear tape options facilitate opening.
  • Poly color can be customized.
  • With or Without Document Pouch (With Re-closable tape).
  • Self-seal closure Tamper-evident, increases content security as well as safe transit.
  • Budget-friendly and green and fully recyclable.
  • Customised Multi-colour printing available upto 6 colours according to client’s requirement.

Applications of Courier Bags

Euphoria Packaging LLP Ltd’s Courier Bags finds applications for:

  • E-commerce deliveries and Shipments.
  • Packing & Shipping Online Orders.
  • Documentation Storage and Examination Envelopes.
  • Sending Cheques and Confidential Documents.
  • Sending Brochures & Samples by Courier.

Euphoria Packaging LLP Ltd manufacturing and exporting high-quality Courier Bags worldwide.

Courier Bags products offered by Euphoria Packaging LLP:

About Euphoria Packaging LLP

Euphoria Packaging LLP’s Courier Bags are perfect for shipping a wide variety of non-fragile items. Tough but lightweight, they keep products dry, safe, and secure during their journey. Welded, high-strength side seal offers maximum capacity for shipping products, no carton needed.

Courier Bags are waterproof, tear proof, self-sealing, and tamper resistant and highly economical available in many options which include clear shipping bags, white mailing envelopes, returnable custom tamper proof bags, and also custom courier bags which help to create brand identity. Euphoria Packaging LLP’s Courier Bags are made from 100% recycled material, eco-friendly options, reduce landfill waste, and reduce demand for virgin plastics perfect for shipping a wide variety of non-fragile items.

Euphoria Packaging LLP Ltd is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporter of Courier Bags products in India to an Industry-wide customer base and committed to customer fulfilment at competitive market prices. Euphoria Packaging LLP Ltd manufactures, supply and market Courier Bags products to all Indian cities and export to Europe, Middle East and Africa.

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